Croftburn Market

Your local butcher shop and more!

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Croftburn Market is a family owned butcher shop, offering you a wide variety of high quality fresh and specialty meats, sausages, charcuterie, fresh fish, locally grown greens and local dairy products.

Our glass meat case features a selection of hand-cut local beef, all dry-aged to nutty, tender perfection. The marbled steaks are ready for the grill. Roasts are cut to order. The freshly ground beef, trimmed for leanness, is ground daily for that old time, beefy flavor. Rows of fresh sausages, each bursting with flavor, are crafted from all-natural pork and chicken. A selection of cured sausages, individually handcrafted in-house and hung to age, celebrate the timeless tradition of naturally preserving meat.

We welcome you to Croftburn Market, your local butcher shop and more, and we look forward to meeting you.